Where we're working

Working location independent we like to share some of the locations where our team works from.

[ Amsterdam ]

Working at the canals of Amsterdam

The Netherlands

"Amsterdam is neither fever pitch nor a monument to itself. It is a thriving city that prides itself on its sobriety, its unpretentiousness. It’s this attitude coupled with openness and innovation that has attracted many expats and companies to the city. The Dutch have a word that they like to describe as indescribable but amounts to the idea of coziness, gezellig. This is what Amsterdam is. "

[ Barcelona ]

Every work day feels like a holiday


"With its vibrant cultural scene, breath-taking colourful architecture and almost year-round sunshine, Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular cities, attracting millions of visitors from across the globe each and every year – and, over the past decade it has also become a hub for digital nomads looking to enjoy an equal balance of work and play, with a thriving and sociable community that would make even the most introverted of new arrivals feel welcome."

[ Rotterdam ]

I love working at one of the biggest harbour cities of The Netherlands

The Netherlands

"Rotterdam and Amsterdam are considered as two complete opposites which creates some competition, but these cities both are the place to be for remote workers. Even though it is a high-tech city, Rotterdam breathes such a characteristic and passionate ambiance wherever you go. Its locals have a very strong connection with the city and its history, which is expressed in numerous activities and festivals throughout the year."

[ Mexico City ]

A modern city with all the amenities of New York, Amsterdam, or Paris at a fraction of the price


"Mexico City is a haven for digital nomads looking for affordable lifestyles, new cultures to explore, and friendly neighbors to practice their Spanish with, enjoy a perfect climate and amazing food."

[ Paris ]

Paris, the city of cafes so finding a place to work is never be a problem


"As a digital nomad, your experience will be very different than as a tourist, at least in my experience. You can give yourself time to truly get to know the city and immerse yourself in this incredible and unique culture. Paris is featured in so many films and books it might be difficult to come here with an open mind but once you’ve lived there for a while you’ll understand why so many people love it so much."

[ Antwerp ]

A charming medieval city center with a rich art scene


"Digital nomads who move here often fall in love with the city of Antwerp, due to its lively atmosphere, cultural diversity, and international flavor. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from in Belgium’s second-largest city, which range from the wonderfully historic city center to the busy port and the art-oriented Het Zuid in the south. As a large city, you’re likely to find all the amenities you need wherever you decide to live, and you can always hop on a bus or train to get around if you need to."

[ Casablanca ]

The largest city and economic center of Morocco


"Casablanca is Morocco’s industrial and commercial powerhouse. The four-million-metropolis is the most populous city in the country and home to Morocco’s largest airport. Better still, it also has the country’s best nomad infrastructure and high-speed train connections to many other cities. Aside from that, the food and nightlife offer is only second to Marrakesh. "