Digital nomad

The freedom of working and living everywhere in the world

Getting to choose where and when you work is part of an even larger benefit of working remotely: the freedom to design your lifestyle on your terms. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like outer forces are shaping your life. But as a digital nomad, you get to take ownership over major life choices, like where you live and how your spend your days.

Benefits of being a digital nomad

Most digital nomads work online, leveraging technology to make an income without being tied to a specific location. Because “going to work” simply means getting online, you can work from anywhere with internet and WiFi.


Get inspired by new environments

Not only can travel feed your soul, but it might also make you a more creative and productive professional. When you get into routines, it can be hard to innovate or think outside the box. But when you disrupt those patterns with new environments, you have to think on your feet and adapt.


Eliminate stressful commutes

If you’ve sat in traffic on the way to work or squeezed into crowded subways during rush hour, you know commuting to and from work can be stressful. When you work remotely, you’ll never have to commute again.


Say goodbye to freezing winters

After all, if you can work from anywhere, your first choice probably isn't a place with subzero temperatures and only a few hours of daylight for long stretches of the year.

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Take ownership of your life as a digital nomad

For much of your life, you have forces in place telling you where to be and when to be there. From school to college to your first office job after graduation, you have a clear structure for how to spend your days.

Plus, you’ll have tons of opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. While you'll inevitably encounter some discomfort, you'll also open yourself up to waves of transformation.

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